Musings, Humanity

    The life of an Empath….


    Other’s don’t know what it takes from an Empath to support them. To give advice. To be the calm in the storm.

    Feeling foolish for being being present for another is common if the Empath later realizes that they were just another person to support someone emotionally.

    Heart open. Then slammed shut. On repeat. Softening our resolve once more to be there…just to be used again.

    Who’s weak? The Empath? The Narcissist? Humanity in general?

    The inability to hold everyone up feels like a failure. Who holds Empaths up? They do.

    Empaths have to look to themselves for strength. Respect. Love. It all comes from within.

    People who Empaths talk to on a deeply personal level feel better about themselves, or their issues, and go to bed feeling more optimistic. Empaths go to bed depleted and exhausted.

    Shielding others from pain. Talking them through hardships. Taking all of the hits.

    Sometimes feeling disbelief in other’s decisions and actions. Understanding that we’re all on our own paths and letting them go.

    Remembering to breathe. For Empaths, focusing on what’s being given, and not what’s being taken from them, is helpful.

    To all Empaths: consider no longer being available to be there to absorb other’s misery. Don’t give them your light.