Meeting another…or ourselves in the dream state….


    Dreams. Some in the night. Some for our lives. At times these intersect. Visiting our potential interactions during slumber…living out our reverie in the day light.

    Warm heart. Remembering shared moments…in a dream or in reality? All illusions.

    Words of wisdom given in the moment when they were most needed.

    Discarded in actuality. Burned at yet another stake.  Around and around we go.

    Commonalities forgotten, but I’m not incensed. Hours spent observing, being present, and during the seeming suspension of consciousness.

    Unrevealed wishes expressed…confidential ambitions that were otherwise kept quiet.

    Shame liberated through kindness and unconditional appreciation.

    I was truly myself. A rarity. No one is accepted into my heart easily. No one.

    Maybe we’ll be captivated in the future…or resume in our dreams.


  • Cultivated to be pleasant…..

      Womanhood. Presumed politeness. Always. Let other’s words go or expect insulting labels to be branded. Personal boundaries so frequently…

    / May 17, 2019
  • Healing the heart in Spring….

      Heartache. A slow burn. Abandonment. Excuses given. Pain runs deep. Encircling beauty is noticed, but everything feels distant. Spring…

    / May 9, 2019
  • Falling…not being caught….

      He opened me right up. Heart freed. Mind filled. Body vibrating. Essence heightened. Imagination flowing. Connection. Intertwined. Let go.

    / May 2, 2019