Weekend Hotel Stay….

    Let me tell you a story about Jenny who once was a size 4 (every year before 2015)…but this size is no more.

    Stress and illness changed her body…and now tidying the house is a workout. Walking her youngest to and from school makes her knees burn…for days.  Jenny used to walk at least 4-6km each day with no effort.

    So she booked herself two nights in a hotel to rest. Enjoying having the time to paint her nails…and drink some wine…and sample some cheesecake.



    Jenny had a bubble bath to rest her muscles…



    Slept diagonally across a king bed…until 9am…which never happens.

    She went for a swim to stretch and relax her muscles (knowing that the next day her whole body would hurt from the exercise because of the chronic fatigue).



    She spent all afternoon lounging and reading….



    Now Jenny is ready to face another challenging week – and thinking that planning another stay at a hotel is a great idea. 


  • The dance….

      Land with me for a dance. To the music I love. Put me first…for once. Arms encircling my waist….

    / September 7, 2019