Packing possessions and eventually unpacking feelings….

    Sweet little Maddie as a toddler…kids always love the bags and boxes more than the gifts….


    I think that this photo pretty much sums up how my last few weeks have been. Wish I could hide away for awhile.

    So much to pack. Even living minimally. Some curtains will go to the new house…some into storage for a future home. My beloved leather pouf will be put away so that a particular cat doesn’t use it as a scratching post….


    Leather pouf from Morocco


    Not to point fingers…but this cat would destroy my pouf….


    The homeschool hutch will be used again in future learning…but for now it’ll go into storage. I’ll use pretty bins in the meantime for school books.


    My yellow Adirondacks will be stacked away but I’m bringing the pillows…outdoor pillows are always an essential for lazy day comfort. I have a plethora of outdoor pillows….



    I’ll put my “Lake” sign on my dresser because I’ll be living between 3 lakes.



    Love flows and changes and I’ll put up the watercolour painting that Ava made for me…. She has such a big heart, and this will help me to remember that I do too.



    My rugs will be stored because I don’t need them in my new place. Someday I’ll have a home where I can bring them out again…my gypsy bohemian heart looks forward to that time.


    Yes, she’s judging you…looking into your soul…       


    Our vintage bench will be used in the mudroom for the kids to put on their shoes and seasonal gear.



    The girls and I are looking forward to warm months spent sitting under this beautiful Willow tree. Healing our hearts with the droplets of cool water raining down on us.