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A pause...for restructuring my life....

Several things have been going on at the same time over the past few months. I won't speak of them at this time other than to say that I've been diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I'm sore and worn out.

Life is really hard right now, but then, isn't it always a struggle in this delusionary world?

Fall is here...I'm ready for change....

Maddie's additions to our nature table

The fall equinox brings the death of the old and the optimism of new beginnings. The leaves fall and the trees are ready for rebirth in the spring.

Beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves appearing to glow in the sunshine. They glow as we do...or as we should, if our light isn't diffused.

Ready for cozy sweaters, and herbal teas, and music blasting in my headphones. It's time to get lost in talk radio by the fire...tales of Egypt, and physics, and the stars.

Ava is 12...

My little girl, who was once a little preemie baby, is now 12 and my height, and she wears shoes that are a few sizes bigger than mine. Next year I'll be looking up at her unless I start wearing heels again.

Ava wants to be a baker when she grows up and she makes the birthday cakes for everyone throughout the year. This year she wanted to keep her cake simple so she covered the chocolate cake in vanilla royal icing and made lavender coloured marshmallow fondant flowers.