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    Humbling minimalism…by choice….

    Bed skirts hide all of the bin storage under the beds (toys, my exercise equipment and my bags – otherwise known as “purses” but I detest that word)


    I never expected to share a bedroom with my youngest, but that’s where I find myself at right now. Forty-one and sharing a bedroom once again…the last time it was with my sister when we were kids…and now I’m living in her house so life seems to be cyclical.

    For a fresh start I bought each of us new bedding – I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco so I purchased sand dune inspired pillows.



    I also bought a framed photo that I still have to hang beside my bed. I can imagine stepping right into a Moroccan alcove….




    I’ve spoken before about pairing down, and my past spending habits. I have less than 10 pairs of shoes [including my flip flops and winter boots], and I’ve made a space for my high heels in my bottom drawer. I have a tiny closet for my clothes and the rest are in the remaining dresser drawers. 



    I bought Maddie a new bed – a pretty one that fits in her corner of the room. She chose the pink duvet cover – she’s all about pink and purple right now.



    Her clothes are at the bottom of a tall white cabinet – so she can easily access them – and my books and jewellery are on the upper shelves. I taped silver wrapping paper [that I had leftover from Christmas] on the inside of the doors to block out our view of the contents – seeing the clothes, etc. through the glass felt too busy in the little room. 


    My mini closet is to the right of the cabinet – I used a spring rod and curtain to hide the clothes from view


    I live minimally, and I purged and donated any extras before the move. I had already streamlined my possessions long before, but in the packing process I was able to let go of even more.

    The wonderful surprise was that my kids were willing to donate toys and books during the packing process – I explained to them that in our new place we would have no storage space or closets. (I’m renting a small storage unit for my couch, Christmas decor,  and other household items that I’ll need once we have our own place.) Whenever the girls brought a toy to me and asked if they should keep it or not I asked them, “Do you think you’ll want to play with it in a year or two when it comes out of storage?” They made an instant decision about how much the item meant to them, and usually put it in the donation pile. The boxes that they packed of toys, books, art supplies, and baubles are what they really appreciate, and what they’ll continually use in our new space. In the end I put none of their possessions into the rental storage – they pared down so well.

    I’ve talked to the girls about the importance of using our possessions and not accumulating things just to have “more”. Through the move they integrated what I taught them. They had the autonomy to decide what items to keep. In letting them make their own decisions they had the chance to grow and mature more.

    Hanging onto items only for sentimental purposes when the items will never be used – like toys and books that are too young for the kids now – only creates clutter. Physical clutter keeps the mind in chaos in my opinion…. It also keeps us attached to the past if we can’t let go of any items. Family heirlooms are different – as long as they don’t override the space. I have a wooden turned bowl that my Grandpa made (I keep jewellery in it), a lavender and lace handsewn handkerchief that was my Great-Grandma’s, costume earrings and a tea cup that were my Grandma’s…and that’s it. 

    Other than hanging my Moroccan picture I think that the room is now complete. 


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