Celebrity Moms – Tell me why am I supposed to feel a connection with them?

    Again, and again, I read articles about celebrity Moms which go on, and on, stating that these women are in baby/child bliss. The articles talk about how “normal” these Moms are, and how their concerns are the same as other women.


    I read one article about a particular 20-something celebrity who is a single Mom, and she was talking about how great she feels in her life, and how she’s started dance classes. Now, if I wasn’t paying attention I might feel a connection to this woman because we’re both single Moms, but I read between the lines of the article. This celebrity gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy, but she had personal trainers to help her get her tiny shape back. She talked about her love of cooking for her son and friends, but she has a personal cook too. She talked about the stresses of being a single Mom, but she has multiple live-in nannies. She talked about the freedom and enjoyment she feels while taking classes, but she has the childcare [and money] to actually get out to classes.


    (I understand that they have some stresses that “normal” women don’t have. I don’t have to worry that I’m not perfectly put together when I go to the grocery store – no paparazzi will be following me around. They have pressure to continually look good so that they can keep getting work post-baby – that must chip away at their self-assurance.


    On the other hand, I wasn’t applauded when I got back into shape post-baby – no one wrote about my “beauty” and “amazing” life.)


    I think that it’s unfair for women to compare themselves to celebrities, and it’s especially unjust for Moms to do this. We already feel like we’re not doing enough for our children (“Mom guilt”); we already wish that we had more resources to work with (money, time, sleep, more hands). These celebrity Moms look great, but wouldn’t we all look fabulous if we had personal stylists, professional makeup, loads of money, personal trainers, 24 hour nannies, 8 hours of sleep a night, and vacations on the French Riviera?
    (I’d be interested in receiving free designer clothes and shoes…. I may delight in trends based on what my 2 year old wears….)


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