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    It’s amazing to me, that after all of the years, and all of the accomplishments that we women have made, we can still move into low self-esteem at the drop of a hat. It’s absolutely ridiculous that we can feel so small inside because of something someone else says. Why does this make us forget what we feel for ourselves? We spend our lifetime up to this day growing our view of ourselves, and with one thoughtless, or insecure, comment we forget our self-love.


    How is it that the lack of shown love from a man can make us question our greatness? We’re the same fabulous ladies we were before the so called men came around, so why would this change? Yes, sometimes we lose ourselves in a relationship, but there’s no shame in that. At least, we love openly, and we gain knowledge about our weaknesses; when we’re strong again we bring more to the next relationship. It’s called learning, and there’s no disgrace in that. Perhaps the dishonour should fall to the men who can’t step up and look us in the eye (and they’re such pretty eyes).
    When we make decisions in our lives, big or small, we tend to look to others to run the idea(s) by. Sometimes we talk to people who will say what we want to hear. These people think that they’re supporting us by just going along with what we say, but perhaps we need to hear their opinion.
    Sometimes the “support systems” in our lives don’t have our best interests at heart, but they think they do. What they’re actually doing is projecting their ideas of who we are onto us. They give advice based on what they would do. I think that the real support comes from people who will be supportive regardless of the decisions – these people truly respect us, and the women we’ve become.


    Ultimately, inside we do know what paths are best for us, and even though we may linger before stepping onto these paths [and people may question, “Does she have it all together?”], we need to trust ourselves.
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