What to do….

    How do you let go of a man you’ve loved since the moment you looked into his eyes? How does he let go of you?

    So many years, and many unspoken words. Conversations that should have come about; neither person spoke up out of fear of appearing foolish.

    What do you do when the thought of this man makes your heart beat harder? The though of him warms your skin.

    The resonance of his laugh makes you smile.

    His feelings for you are deep, but not often expressed to you.

    Where do you go when his beauty makes your heart swell, but he’s oblivious?

    What do you do with all of this love that has been growing inside of you, and may never be revealed to him?

    In your mind you’ve created romantic settings and tender touches – but this energy remains inert.

    You have moments when you second guess yourself – your beauty, desirability, and intrigue. Then you remember yourself and laugh at the ridiculous doubts. You are wonderful.

    …and your love lingers…. you want just one kiss…one kiss to make your knees melt…one kiss to make you forget yourself.

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