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    What’s with ladies occupying facades? Why do we feel the need to hide our vulnerability and rawness from others? What in society forces us to create ideal images for one another? What are we keeping up with? The populaces’ low self-esteem, and their desire to appear to have it all? We feed into other peoples’ need to hide their true self – perhaps out of fear of rejection….

    Of course many people really do love their lives as they are, but I’m speaking of the ladies who pretend to love life when asked what they’re up to.

    Can we just be where we’re at? No excuses. No elaborations. “Things are difficult for me right now because….” “I feel unfulfilled in my life at this time….” “I’m re-building….”
    Perhaps we could say, “This is where I’m at – accept me, or don’t, I love myself because I’m great regardless of my situation.”

    We are all on a different journey, unique to our own lives. There is no need for comparison.

    When we judge others somehow we are always surprised when they judge us. Instead of scoffing at other ladies for what they have, what we mistrust, what they have to offer, we can take a moment to say [in our heads], “I’m hurting in this moment and I need a friend.” We can decide then if we feel safe enough to say it out loud to one another. We may be amazed by the support in the response.

    This post was inspired by a woman I recently met… she put up a powerful but silent front when we were first introduced…facades can become lead weights.

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    i couldn't agree with you more….

    August 4, 2010 at 9:30 pm
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