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    I sit quietly, listening to the soothing voice coming through my headphones, guiding me to concentrate on my breathing. My chest feels warmer, and calmer, with each syllable…I become more solid in myself and less solid in form. I drift.

    I think about how I too get caught up in consumerism, and I feel comforted spending money on items that seem so important in the moment; items that I justify bringing into my home and then later feel no connection with.  

    I think, “Why don’t I meditate more often?” I always feel better after a meditation than after shopping.

    My little Ava knows where it’s at. While the sun is up, she rolls out her hot pink yoga mat and follows along with her video – stretching her arms, focusing on her breathing, wriggling around like jello after her poses.

    My thoughts move from what I should work on this evening, to what I really feel like doing. I visualize my warm bed with freshly washed sheets, and snuggling in to re-read a good book.

    Too many I, I, I’s…it’s time to stop thinking. I hit “Publish Post” and shut down my computer.  

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