Happy Father’s Day

    I would like to wish a wonderful father’s Day to my Husband, Father, Step-Father, and Father-In-Law. To the three other than my Husband, I would like to apologize for the late arrival of your Father’s Day cards. One day, as soon as Canada Post starts delivering again, you will receive the handmade cards from Ava which have been sitting in a mail box around the corner.

    I would like to tell my Husband that I appreciate how much he does for Ava. He cooks, plays, takes her out everyday for some fun time, picks her up from school when he can, and tucks her in at night after a good book. He is invested as much as I am in nurturing Ava, and he uses his moments with her to teach. Whether it’s how to print letters, or how to pin someone while wrestling (I’ll frequently hear, “Let’s wrestle Daddy!” before dinner), my husband spends time with his little girl. His eyes light up when he looks at her as much as hers do when she takes his hand to skip down the sidewalk.

    Ava gave Daddy a preschool creation – a tissue covered jar that she lovingly covered with layers of glue. She dictated a note printed by me, which she signed, and also included a secret note just for Daddy.

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