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    Ava’s 5th Birthday

    My little Ava just turned 5 and to start off her day there were gifts waiting for her when she woke up.  A hula hoop, and a bag of goodies.

    Right away, Ava wanted to make the fairy doll that she found in the gift bag. We worked on it through breakfast.

    When the fairy was complete Ava named her Daisy. Daisy has a bit of a wide-eyed look.
    Once everyone was ready for the day we headed to WhiteSpot, as per Ava’s request, for a pirate pack of course. Over lunch she decided she wanted to head Downtown to see the Interior Design Show. I think she thought there would be fun kid things there…. It was fun for Daddy who loves seeing all of the latest furniture designs.
    While Daddy chatted up the vendors, Ava and I went to find snacks. On our way we spotted an interesting pig serving tray and some pretty flowers. She played a beautiful piano at one of the stalls, and tried out every sofa that we came across.
    When we had seen all that we wanted to at the show Ava decided that we would head to Kits beach next.
    She ran around and played.

    Next on the birthday “To Do” list was Granville Island. I think the Kids Market is her happy place.

    First stop was the candy store for a lollipop. She had sticky grape all over her face for the rest of the day. Mommy had it on her hands and anything that she touched from holding Ava’s hand.

    Having had a treat herself, Ava went into a shop to buy birdseed to share. She fed the ducks while Mommy and Daddy watched two seagulls try to take each other down. They pecked at and bent each others necks, and then one held the others’ head under water. This was a new sight for us, and the tourists stared in shock. It all worked out…they parted eventually.


    After the seed ran out we took a moment to sit and enjoy the view.
    Next it was time for dinner…fancy grilled cheese.
    Ava rounded out the meal with some gelato and a wish. (She wished for Christmas to come tomorrow – I don’t mind sharing this since I’m pretty sure that the response to the wish will be delayed.)

    Full of treats and the fatigue of a day well spent, Ava almost passed out in the car on the way home. It was 6pm.

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  • Reply Ellery Zeller

    Daisy has an unusual resemblance to Mr. Bill.

    October 5, 2011 at 6:24 pm
  • Reply kristin

    happy birthday to ava! what a fun day!

    October 5, 2011 at 6:24 pm
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