Ava’s Party

    Today we held Ava’s 5th birthday party at Granville Island, and hosted 13 of her little friends. One friend dropped off a gift early – window crayons – these are Ava’s masterpieces….

    When we arrived at the community center we set up the room with hats, snacks and music. All of the kids arrived and dove into the bouncy castle. Then came the crazed playing – balls flying everywhere, kids bouncing into each other, ride-on cars and wagons getting into traffic jams….

    Daddy set up a t-shirt press while the kids ate their post-play pizza. Everyone took their turns placing kitties on their shirts. The shirts were included as a part of the goody bags.

    All of the kids ate one or two mini cupcakes with fairy ballerina toppers, and Ava had a regular sized one with a special candle. (She took a few bites and Mommy finished it….)

    Once the pizza was eaten and the cupcakes were fully enjoyed we moved onto opening gifts. Ava received an assortment of crafts, toys, and a small bubblegum machine. She’s very excited to start making things over the coming days.

    The party was complete with goody bags for all…their self-designed t-shirts, a CD of Ava’s current favourites (featuring the Go Go’s and The Clash), a party blowout, and a small candy bag. The party was a success and Ava had a great time with her friends.

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