Halloween Fun

    Ava had a class party today with costumes and goodies. She was a fairy with a crown, tutu, wand, and wings.

    After dinner we met up with a couple of her little friends to go Trick or Treating. (I made Ava’s costume – a My Little Pony Pegasus pony with lollipop “cutie marks”. She had a white body, pink hooves, orange/pink/purple lollipops, white wings, and a purple mane/tail. It was my Saturday night project.)

    The girls ran from house to house – I was so happy to have a clear night.

    We brought an extra bag for Ava to dump candy into as her small one filled…she wouldn’t have it. She wanted to carry the heavy one from door to door. (Which thwarted Mommy & Daddy’s plan to eat some candy as we walked around.)

    When the girls were spent we went to a friends house and they emptied their bags onto the floor and sat down to devour their piles. (Candy will be rationed from tomorrow on.)

    By the end of the night, not only did Ava have glitter on her face, but candy streaks as well. Kind of like a vampire with blood down the sides of her mouth, but colourful.

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