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    Nesting accomplishments so far….

    I’ve had a short “To Do” list in mind, and over the last week I completed some of the things to better space plan our small place. First on the list was the front hall closet….

    A fabric hanging shelf from Ava’s bedroom was put to use in this closet to better organize our small items. We each have a shelf, and Ava now has baskets for her little sunglasses, mitts, toques, etc. I removed all off season jackets and shoes, and left only our rain and winter gear in the closet.

    Over the weekend Ava picked out a vintage dresser, and here it is with the small Ikea shelf that she assembled with Daddy. We now have hanging space for both girls, and they can share all of the storage. (Ava has vintage sarees hanging as curtains instead of doors – a space saver.)

    Earlier in the week I moved all of her books from under her bed and in closet bins to the shelves that had previously housed random toys. With the new closet storage [for the toys] all of the books can now be kept in the same place. is my go-to place for pretty much everything that I don’t pick up a Homesense (…or Ikea…). I came across two prints and couldn’t resist their cute innocence. I bought them from Trafalgars Square to put into existing frames that need to be updated. Ava loves animals, and Maddie will share the room eventually so they’ll be age appropriate for her.
    We picked up Maddie’s new condo sized crib to put in our room, and I’ll post a photo once I’ve completed the little embroidered pillows to set in it while we wait for her arrival. (They’ll be placed somewhere else once she’s here until they can adorn her toddler bed.) I made a quilt for Ava when I was pregnant the first time, but this time Maddie will have pillows and other special room items. I just don’t have it in me to make a quilt right now. She’ll have so many blankets gifted to her plus the baby ones that we still have from Ava.
    Today my Husband mentioned that he wants to paint the hall/stairway from its current olive green colour to the creamy yellow (very subtle) of the living/dining/kitchen. I would love this, plus it would brighten the stairwell which showcases photos and Ava’s canvas art.
    Now that I’ve moved through the other rooms the next room on the list will be the kitchen. I might put that off for a bit…it’s not my favourite room…although I do seem to spend a lot of time in it for someone who doesn’t like to cook.
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  • Reply Mama in the City

    Wow you've done a great job! I'm still in denial about baby coming and pretend I have oodles of time! I'm more fussed about Christmas than nesting and organizing… Oh dear!

    November 15, 2011 at 2:41 am
  • Reply Ruminating Mommy

    Oh trust me, if I wasn't told by three doctors to expect a preemie I would be doing these things in January. I'm finding it hard to not do anything Christams related until Dec 1st. I love Christmas crafts and decorating…. Everyday Ava says that she wishes it were December already.

    November 15, 2011 at 2:46 am
  • Reply Lady Flight

    Two little girls – SO exciting!!!

    November 15, 2011 at 4:40 am
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