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    Today’s Sewing Projects

    I decided to dip into my fabric supply to make some things for Madelaine. Instead of buying spit up cloths I made 12 new ones with patterned cotton on the front and terry on the back.

    We’ve been re-arranging our rooms to make more space for all of us. Now the crib is at the foot of the bed against a wall. I wanted to make a sweet little spot for the baby so I made a flag banner to decorate a little. Ava set up the crib with pillows, a blanket, and some guys to snuggle with. (She understands that everything has to come out when the baby goes in, but she wanted to make a nice place for her.)
    Tomorrow I have another checkup so we’ll see what the doctor says. A lot of the things that we still have on our “To Do” list can be done after Madelaine’s arrival so I’m not feeling overwhelmed. (I do wish that I could snap my fingers and have it done though.) I’m going to continue to putter around the house organizing and purging what we don’t use, and my Husband is going to take care of getting Ava to and from school for the rest of the week.
    After the doctor appointment tomorrow I’ll go through my sewing/china/games/books cabinet and reconfigure it to work better for me/us. (Even though it has closed doors, and I can’t see the contents, I know that it could be space planned better so I have to fix it.) My Husband did end up painting the halls, and next on his list is a little furniture re-arrangement and having the carpets cleaned. The kitchen purge will have to wait for now….
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    lovely projects! looks like everyone's ready but the baby 😛

    January 6, 2012 at 6:58 pm
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