Pirate Party

    Over the weekend Ava went to a Pirate themed birthday party…she wanted to be a Pirate. She was equipped with an eye patch, full Pirate dress with matching head scarf, and a sword (I made it from cereal boxes and aluminum foil….).

    When we arrived Ava started out by drawing a Treasure Map:
    Then the activities began – first the kids walked the plank….
    Then they tossed felt fish into the shark mouth….
    Once the kids successfully fed the shark they moved along to the Grog table and had a shot. They chose between the brown or pink Grog (root beer or lemonade).
    After the Grog was enjoyed the kids split off into two groups – the boys in one Pirate Ship and the girls in the other:
    The two ships were across from each other and the kids threw small cannon balls into each others’ ships…. the girls won the battle.
    Later the kids walked the plank again and at the end of it got to chose a few things from a treasure box – Ava picked a candy necklace and some faux jewels. (Instead of goodie bags the kids went home with their treasures.)
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