Madelaine’s 2!

    Time flies, and suddenly Maddie’s 2 years old. Ava has been walking around saying, “I can’t believe my baby sister is two.” I can vividly remember each moment captured when I look at every photo over the past two years, and I feel sad and I look forward to the future at the same time. No longer will I give her age in months – now she’s 2, then 2 1/2, then 3 years old.

    She’s such a sweetie, and so smart and funny. She loves to laugh, and she’s a busy and thoughtful kid. Right now her favourite toys are babies and the toy stroller. I often find her changing a diaper, and putting her socks on the dolls.

    We had a birthday party for her at our house, and family and friends came to spend the day with her.

    (Ava and Daddy made the cake and Ava decorated it with candies.)

    I made the decorations with paper, tissue paper, and ribbons & lace. (It was nice to be able to throw all the decor and plates into the recycle box, and put the ribbon back into the craft box.)


    It was a great day, and Maddie was so proud to be two. All week leading up to her birthday, whenever she was asked how old she would be she said, “two!” She even practiced blowing out a pretend candle over and over. Pretty cute. This next year will be a fun one.

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  • Reply Andrea Firmani

    Love the sweet celebrations! 2 is like the last year they are all yours. Before preschool and being even more independent. I'm thinking the next year ahead is going to be very fun!

    January 15, 2014 at 9:29 pm
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