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    Maddie’s Fabric Mobile

    Jenny Lutes

    I have just finished making Madelaine a fabric mobile for above her new big girl bed.

    I started the mobile by winding strips of citrus fabric around a large embroidery ring (I had one on hand from the pillows I made Maddie – “Maddie’s Pillows“). Then I braided strips of gray and white chevron fabric and created 3 lengths for the hanging triangle. I knotted the braided ends and left them raw.

    Jenny Lutes

    Cutting the many circles was the time consuming part of the process. I used various new and vintage fabrics to cut [doubles of] 3 different sizes, and then I ironed them onto fusible interfacing [and trimmed around the circles]. Each circle has interfacing between 2 fabric pieces – so the circles can spin because they’re double sided.

    Jenny Lutes

    Next I laid out the large circles into rows on the table to get ready for sewing – laying them out allowed for some play with the placement. (I did the same with the medium, and then the small circles.)

    Jenny Lutes

    I used regular white thread and set the machine to a longer stitch length (straight stitch). The distance between each circle was done by eye (about an inch between each one) – I zipped through a circle…then sewed the inch space..then put down another circle and repeated…. I sewed a ribbon to the top circle of each row to tie to the embroidery ring.

    When all of the rows were sewn, I tied them to the ring, and I used a piece of ribbon to tie the 3 braided lengths together to form the triangle top. I like that the lengths are similar but not all the same.

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    Ava loves the end result so we’ll make one together for her another day. She can choose different fabrics and whatever shape she wants.

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