Motherhood On My Terms

    Jenny Lutes
    I spend summer evenings sitting on our patio – one earphone in my ear blasts iPod music, the other ear listens through the windows for waking kids…. I’ve realized that the storage tray on the girls’ big easel is the perfect place to set my wine.

    I walk in the rain in my regular stylish coat because I refuse to wear Gore-tex (my Husband mocks me because Gore-tex is practical in Vancouver). I do wear my boots of course – I’m not crazy…they’re Hunter’s….

    I wear broken in jeans as casual wear because I will not wear yoga pants outside of yoga. I also refuse to wear runners apart from exercising…my runners have been in the closet for awhile ….

    The girls are welcome to join any sports that they want to, however, this family will never buy a mini van to drive them to games. Not on my watch.

    I love books. I read them all the time. When I get together with other Ladies I want to drink wine and have great conversations…about things other than story plot twists. I’m not into clubs. (Although I could change my mind about clubs to be in a wine club – we could drink wine and talk about our interests and passions.)

    So what if I grab a book with the intention of reading and detour into listening to music and reminiscing in my head about the past? The book will be read another day.

    My girls are healthy and thriving…my house plants are another story…I may forget to water them. I forgot to water plants when I was single.

    Music, a cool glass of white wine, writing, and diving into fabrics recharge me. This mommy is Jenny first.

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