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    Ava is 8!

    Jenny Lutes

    Ava turned 8 the other day, and we had a small party at our house with family and several of her friends.

    Over a few evenings, I made the party decorations out of fabrics that I already had (yellow, pinks, and purple), and we ordered some helium balloons as well.

    I used the same technique that I would to make a braided throw rug and instead I made various sized flowers to decorate our large cabinet. To start, I cut several fabrics into long strips:

    Jenny Lutes, fabric strips for braiding

    Then I braided 9 separate continuous lengths depending on the size of the flower:

    Jenny Lutes

    When I finished the braided lengths, I knotted the ends and placed each braid on felt. Starting in the center I wrapped the braid around and around until it was a circle shape and tucked the end under. Then I cut away the extra felt, and used the sewing machine to secure the braided circles to the felt [to save myself some time and effort]. (For a rug I would hand stitch around and around for a clean look.) I like that the flowers have raw edges and a homespun look (literally). (I hot glued the flowers to the cabinet for easy removal. Ava now wants me to put the flowers on the wall next to her bed.)

    Jenny Lutes
    Jenny Lutes

    My other decor project was a circle fabric banner made using the same technique that I used for Maddie’s Fabric Mobile.

    Jenny Lutes


    Jenny Lutes
    To add some interest to the $0.99 #8 candle, I hot glued beads all over the front of it and painted on some glitter. Ava and Daddy made the chocolate cake together and she chose to make the icing an aqua green, and she added Smarties.
    Jenny Lutes
    Instead of gifts, Ava asked for money to donate to our Sponsor Child and to put toward a fish tank. Auntie surprised her by bringing a goldfish as her gift. Ava named the fish Bubbles (her name was Coral for a few minutes before it became Bubbles):
    Jenny Lutes
    Photo taken by Ava

    The party was a success, and the next day Ava was able to buy a small aquarium for Bubbles.

    Jenny Lutes
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    happy birthday, ava! hope bubbles is enjoying his new place 😉

    October 21, 2014 at 11:43 pm
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