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    Madelaine is 3!!!


    Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015
    Sweet little Maddie is three – time goes by so quickly now it seems…. She was very excited in the weeks leading up to her birthday, and she asked everyday, “Is today my birthday?”

    Maddie was happy to bake her cake with Ava and Daddy…and to sample the lavender purple icing that Ava made…and she may have eaten a few smarties as they were put on the top of the cake…and Ava may have sampled some too.
    Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015
    We had a small party with family, and lots of playtime with her cousin and friends.
    For her party, I made some simple decor items. I folded fabric rectangles like a fan and then opened them into the circle shape and glued the ends together. I added a fabric circle to the center of each one. (I can easily pull off the dried hot glue and undo the fabrics to use them again for sewing projects.)
    Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015
    I made a paper straws banner for the wall. I cut the straws in to several lengths and glued them to twine. (It took about 30 mins…)
    Jenny lUtes Ruminating Mommy 2015
    Maddie is ready to take on 2015, a year of new experiences, and preschool in the fall.  She frequently says to us, “I’m a big girl now. I’m getting bigger every day!”
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