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Valentine gifts – diy yarn crafts….

Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015
The small purple heart is my creation…I helped Maddie with the
yellow & purple heart…I think she’s giving it to me….

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and although my Husband and I don’t celebrate the day (neither of us feel like a forced romantic day is all that romantic), I always make it fun for the girls. I’m sewing a gift for each of them [which I’ll post soon] and I have small chocolates to go along with the gifts. I’ll also make a construction paper card for each girl…perhaps the pop-up variety.
Ava has always liked preparing Valentine’s cards (and receiving them), and she made one for a friend as well as a small heart.
Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015
Supplies needed for this yarn craft:
Wax paper
Bottle of white glue (podge can be used too)
Ribbon (for hanging small designs)
I cut the yarn into 10″ pieces, and put glue in a bowl for each girl. They drew shapes on the wax paper and then they dipped the yarn strands in the glue (wiping off excess glue) and placed them on the shapes. Both girls loved making a mess and Ava laughed because her fingers kept sticking together.
Ava’s heart for Daddy:
Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015
Maddie’s creation for Daddy:
Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015

After letting the yarn dry over night, we peeled the firm shapes off of the wax paper.

Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015


Their gifts are ready and waiting to be given on Saturday….
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