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    My new closet contains only what I truly wear….

    The closet in our new place is smaller than our previous one, but there’s enough room because I donated several items when I was packing the boxes. My husband has only a few shirts hanging which helps with space…I gave him most of the higher shelf for his shirts and jeans….

    I went through every item as I packed and I was honest with myself about what I never wore.

    I have:
    * a handful of belts – varying widths and vintage
    * less than 20 necklaces – including a mix of costume, vintage and real plus two beaded
    ones that Ava made me in preschool
    * a few cocktail rings
    * 10 pairs of earrings (all sizes)
    * a couple of feather fascinators from my Sister’s wedding
    * a few bracelets (some vintage)
    * 8 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of Manitobah Mukluks, 1 pair of ballet flats

    My Husband and I share a regular sized closet, and I never want to stock a walk-in closet.

    Let’s have clothes, shoes, and accessories in our space that we truly wear – don’t have items hanging just to look at. We don’t need to accumulate stuff to feel whole. We’re made to think that shopping and hoarding make us complete, but they’re just suffocating.

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