Learning At Home A Mother’s Guide to Homeschooling – Book Review

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    We’re now completing our second year homelearning, and last school year I read “Learning At Home A Mother’s Guide to Homeschooling“. I came across a post on Facebook by the author Marty Layne and thought that I would purchase her book to get another parents’ take on homeschooling.

    I enjoyed this book because it’s written in a more conversational way, and it was easy for me to pick up during a busy day at home with the girls. I read it here and there as I could and moved through the book quickly.

    I really connected with a lot of what Marty had to say throughout the book – especially as I progressed through our first year homelearning:

    “…I tried to be aware of my child’s ability, readiness, and desire to learn a particular subject; to be sensitive to my child’s motivation; and to be aware of my own motivation in wanting to teach a particular something to my child.” (pg.13)

    “I believe that children learn best in an atmosphere where they are respected, loved, and valued. I think it is important to encourage children to listen to their own inner voice. I think it is important that children have the opportunity to move at their own pace to master the skills needed to be competent in the world.” 

    “School culture is so dominant that those who do research in the field of child development are often not aware of the influence of school culture. They describe some of children’s developmental behavior as human development when in actuality it is developmental behavior taking place in the context of going to school.”

    “Most homeschooling mothers question the wisdom of many of their decisions. We are trying something new and have old models for how to do this. One of the problems for many of us in trying this new way of educating our children is that when we went to school we learned that making mistakes was not acceptable. We feel uncomfortable when we make mistakes. We expect perfection of ourselves. We want to score 100% in terms of doing the right things with our children.”

    “….Our children’s educational needs are individual….”


    1. Can I Do This – Teach My Child At Home?
    2. Creating A Learning Environment
    3. Helping Your Child Learn To Read
    4. Inviting Children To Write
    5. Arithmetic
    6. The Arts: Music, Art, Dance, Drama, and Physical Education
    7. Life As Curriculum: Science and Social Studies
    8. Burn-out
    9. Conclusion – Beyond Homeschooling

    In my opinion, reading this book is a great place to start if a parent is considering homeschooling/homelearning, or if parents are new to this way of educating their children.

    Check out Marty’s books and more at:

    I purchased this book for myself.

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