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    DIY Braided Rug for Maddie’s Desk Area

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    I just completed a small braided rug for Maddie’s desk area – made from Ava’s old pants and shirts. (As Ava’s clothes become too small I store them for Maddie but I had put aside items that weren’t mendable or that were paint covered to use for sewing projects.)

    To begin, I started with cutting the clothes into strips, and because the clothes were sizes 4T – 8T the strips were short.

    When I had all of the strips cut I started braiding, and as I came to the end of a length I knotted a new strip and kept braiding.

    Over several days I braided here and there as I watched movies and finally the whole length was complete. Then I started with making the center of the rug – I wrapped the beginning of the length around itself to begin the circle. I hand stitched the rows together as I made them – a curved upholstery needle came in handy here.

    Also I built the rug upside down so the messiest sides of the braid were facing me as I stitched. I wanted the rug to end up with the nicest side facing up when complete and to have all of the circular rows level with the rows next to it.

    My rug is imperfect because of all of the different fabric thicknesses and Maddie loves it. I didn’t finish the outside edge but I can sew wide hem tape to it if I feel like doing so in the future. I’m fine with the rug staying as it is because it captures the homespun feel that makes our home cozy.

    braided rug, eco-friendly, #green, repurpose, fabric, cotton, denim
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