Recap: May 2017 #moms30for30

    May flew by, and for the #moms30for30 challenge I wanted to wear jeans less often than I normally do – which is every day. Most of the days I wore one of my pendants because I really like them. My jewellery collection is small so that I actually wear what I have rather than having it just to look pretty on a shelf. 

    I do enjoy putting outfits together for a night out but I don’t generally focus on what I wear. For the challenge I wore all 30 items, but I normally wear the same few pairs of jeans and handful of t-shirts in rotation. Now that I have the May photos to remember what I put together I’ll wear more of what I have. In my recap post for the July 2015 #moms30for30 challenge I said, “Fashion should be utilitarian or fun – depending on your perception.” I still think this but I’m personally less attached to Fashion overall. 

    I used to love shopping but over the past 2 years I’ve changed my views on purchasing and filling closets.  In my recap post for the April 2016 #spring30for30 challenge I said, I can no longer justify buying clothes and shoes to just sit in a closet – I will no longer add more “stuff” to my home.” My Husband and I share a regular sized closet and I never want to aquire so much that we require a walk in closet. My home is cozy and we only add things that we really enjoy to it – a lot of our decor and kitchen wares are vintage, and my Husband and I also made a lot of our decor. On the spectrum of consumerism we would be closer to minimalism – I hope. 
    Almost all of my items for this challenge are things that I’ve had for years. I found the Aztec print pants at Winners last summer for $9 so that was a score. The beige/black print sweater was on a random rack at a home outlet store and less than $20 so I picked that up last summer too. Ideally I wouldn’t wear cheaper fast fashion items because they’re not made ethically and have a tendency to end up in landfills even if they’re donated. I rarely shop and I re-purpose our clothing once items have irreparable holes – for example Maddie’s hand braided rug – so for now this balances my feeling torn about being part of global consumerism. I would love to only buy items that have been ethically made with organic fabrics but for now I’ll wear the hell out of what I already have and refuse to buy more, more, more. The real fashion challenge is being human and knowing what’s ethical and what we’re willing to ignore – the treatment of the people who make the fast fashion clothing, the pollution created, and the masses of clothing in dumps. 
    I encourage others to really take a look at what they purchase and consume. 
    Ask pre-purchase questions
    “Do I really need this?” and “Is this purchase a want or a need?” 
    “Will this purchase make me feel better in this moment and then sit in my closet, or will I wear the hell out of this?”
    “What feelings and issues am I not dealing with that make me want to shop?” 
    “Am I filling my cart to fill my heart?”
    So on that light note, here are my #moms30for30 outfits for May:
    Take a look at what outfits the other bloggers put together this week by using the hashtag #moms30for30 on Instagram & Twitter. 
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