Mediflow Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow – Review

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    I usually have neck and upper back pain due to a grand mal seizure that I had 16 years ago – I hit the back of my head hard during my fall. Then I had a concussion a few years ago and because of that I have several migraines a month…every month – it’s hard but I have to push through them. Usually, I don’t have trouble falling asleep but I do have trouble staying asleep and I often wake because my neck is aching or my head is throbbing.

    For years I’ve slept with cold compresses on my head, or my 5 inch rose quartz stone resting against my forehead (this stone has seen me through many migraines), but I never thought that I would have pain relief.

    Two weeks ago I was sent the Floating Comfort Mediflow pillow to try out and the first night I felt relief. I went to bed with a neck ache and when I rested my head on the pillow I immediately felt relief and fell asleep within minutes. The pillow stays cool against my face which helps with the head pain – no more cold compresses. My whole back feels supported not just my upper back, and it feels like the coolness reaches all the way down my spine.


    migraines, Jenny Lutes, Ruminating Mommy

    I remember waterbeds from the 80’s and I laugh to myself every time I change positions and hear the water shift…the sound is the same. The pillow isn’t loud though – my husband didn’t even know that I’d changed pillows until he went to lift it yesterday.

    The pillow is easy to fill because it comes with a funnel attachment that also works as a wrench to tighten the cap. I added enough water to make the pillow medium and then after a few days I added more water to make the pillow firm. I like that I can easily adjust the degree of firmness.


    It takes comfort plus support for the best night’s sleep. That’s why every Mediflow® pillow has 2 layers – on the bottom our proprietary adjustable waterbase that provides responsive support for the neck – on top a soft, plump layer of our exclusive CombedLoft™ cloud-like Dacron® polyester providing exceptional comfort for the head. Traditional single layer pillows can only provide comfort or support depending on the filling but never both. What’s more, you can even customize the waterbase when you add water to achieve as much support as you desire!

    * Pillow size 20″ x 28″
    * 300 thread count cover
    * Fits Standard and Queen pillow cases
    * Ranked best in a John Hopkins Clinical Study for sleep and neck pain reduction
    * Adjustable to any choice of support – soft, medium or firm
    * Responsive support works as you move in sleep to maintain support for your neck
    * Hypoallergenic, machine wash and dry
    * 5 year quality warranty, 60 day satisfaction guarantee

    Currently, the Mediflow Floating Comfort pillow can be purchased from the Mediflow site and  I would recommend this pillow for anyone who suffers from neck or head pain.

    I received a Mediflow Floating Comfort pillow for my post. All opinions and reviews are my own.

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