Recap of the November #moms30for30….

    Overall my November was really casual – I was home everyday homeschooling Ava and I wore leggings, jeans and my Nicole Bridger bamboo pants combined with various t-shirts and blouses. 
    Here are my November #moms30for30 outfits: 

    I had some random things come up – like having to help bathe my sister’s chicken on day 16…I swapped my blanket scarf for my hoodie and cradled the chicken while my sister bandaged her foot after the Epson bath.
    My favourite day was day 2 because we got some snow. I’m waiting for it to come back….
    I set up my new faux tree in the den, and this weekend we’ll get our real one for the living room.
    Charlie came home from puppy training on day 26 – he’s almost 8 months and needed more involved training so he was there for 3 weeks. He’s so well behaved now and we’ll continue the training techniques at home for the next few months.
    My December will be pretty casual too but that’s just fine with me. I may spend December in my black Smash + Tess Friday Romper….
    I’ve shared my thoughts about fashion and consumption in my previous recaps of other closet remixes. This time around I already had streamlined my closet so I no longer have clothes that I don’t wear. In my May 2017 recap I talked about being responsible with purchasing clothing and I talked about the need we have to acquire possessions for fill voids. 
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