Top 5 reasons why this Mom needs a holiday….

    Maddie’s garden
    Reflecting upon my day thus far…nothing too stressful…just a list of things that add layers of interruption to my day.

    1. While meditating: every time I focused on the word “quiet” the dog barked.

    2. Polished my nails [with clear nail polish – nothing fancy] and the kids suddenly “needed” me to do something…that they could easily do for themselves…and then they needed 20 more things….
    3. While exercising…my least favourite thing to do next to changing cat litter…I heard the cat vomiting in the kitchen…if she had only aimed two inches to the left…the tile is much easier to clean than the rug…but cats always choose the rug….
    4. Made myself a tea…and drank it cold…in the last 11.5 years of parenting I’ve rarely had a hot tea…something always happens to make me forget about the tea… for example, a child drawing with red crayon on the white stone tile in the kitchen.
    5. Thought, “Oh I should water the flowers around the yard.” While filling the watering can the hose nozzle leaked and sprayed up at me with ice cold water…I’m sure it looked funny but there were no witnesses….
    Need to book myself a hotel for a night. Bathtub, cable, and no one else to take care of….
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