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    Ava is 12…


    My little girl, who was once a little preemie baby, is now 12 and my height, and she wears shoes that are a few sizes bigger than mine. Next year I’ll be looking up at her unless I start wearing heels again.

    Ava wants to be a baker when she grows up and she makes the birthday cakes for everyone throughout the year. This year she wanted to keep her cake simple so she covered the chocolate cake in vanilla royal icing and made lavender coloured marshmallow fondant flowers.

    For her Dad, she made angel food cupcakes and decorated them with turquoise icing and gold sprinkles:



    Maddie turned six this year, and Ava made a vanilla cake with aqua green marshmallow fondant and a colourful rainbow:



    Her five year old cousin wanted a Star Wars theme for his cake this year:


    Last year Ava made herself a Galaxy Kitty cake with a marshmallow fondant alien cat and stars:

    For her Auntie’s 2017 birthday – I won’t divulge the age…but she’s younger than me – Ava made a chocolate cake with marshmallow fondant cats in Auntie’s favourite colour – the aqua spectrum:

    Maddie turned five last year and Ava made her chocolate cake with royal icing and a sprinkle cat in the center:
    Her littlest cousin is turning 3 this winter and he’s requested a chocolate cake with brown icing…Ava laughed at that. She’s thinking either an outer space theme or ocean creatures….
    I’ll Instagram the next round of cake creations.
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