Fall is here…I’m ready for change….

    Maddie’s additions to our nature table


    The fall equinox brings the death of the old and the optimism of new beginnings. The leaves fall and the trees are ready for rebirth in the spring.

    Beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves appearing to glow in the sunshine. They glow as we do…or as we should, if our light isn’t diffused.

    Ready for cozy sweaters, and herbal teas, and music blasting in my headphones. It’s time to get lost in talk radio by the fire…tales of Egypt, and physics, and the stars.

    To go to bed when it gets dark, and wake up to exercise when the world is still in darkness…ugghh so tough to get up in my weariness. Would rather wake up in the light. The warm sunlight caressing me in the morning…will have to wait until late spring…. My langour awaits.

    Time for wine, and contemplating life, and making decisions. So many decisions. My knitted socked feet resting on the sleeping dog…he’s so big that he can hold my weight.

    Sewing Halloween costumes. Planning the pumpkin patch journey…it’s always a journey with several kids. White pumpkins are so pretty.

    Wish I could sing…I have things to say…guess I’ll have to write them down.

    So thankful the perm took…look like my old natural self…no qualms doing it this way. My ill health robbed me of me, so I took my life back.

    The cat is staring me down from the bench that I repaired…she sleeps there on the fabrics that I used to recover it…perhaps I’ll grow on her.

    You know, I feel at home in the 80’s and 90’s…lyrically I resonate. I’m enjoying the velvet revival. Burgundy. Emerald. Maybe it’s time to purchase emerald velvet for pillows. I can create a mountain of pillows. To my heart’s content. It’ll be my mountain to climb without judgment.

    No disjointed thoughts. All are deliberate. Time to move forward. What do I take with me? Leonard, I’m on my own…. Hallelujah….

    So much to move on from.

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