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    When we started homeschooling (in late October 2014) I felt pressure [from myself and others] to keep Ava up to what her school would have been doing at the time.  I had no experience or interest in teaching anyone, but Ava asked to be homeschooled so I stayed up late some nights and prepared daily lessons.  I used part of our dining room wall to put up Language Arts lessons, a Canada map, etc. When I read the book ‘Learning At Home A Mother’s Guide to Homeschooling‘, and simultaneously had Ava tell me that the “class wall” was overwhelming, I felt an unspoken permission to ease off.



    My view on homelearning has evolved from our first months. I no longer feel any pressure – if anyone has an opinion I smile and continue on with the path that my Husband, myself, Ava and the teacher have set out for the school year. Homelearning/homeschooling is flexible and we continually change direction if Ava has no interest in a topic and I add more topics that she likes. By the end of the school year I make sure that she accomplishes what she “needs to” according to her grade level.
    What Ava likes the most is that she has the freedom to take the majority of her day to be creative and also spontaneously spend time outside.

    Topics can be carried into the next school year – or not covered at all – and in the end she will cover everything that we need to, but the journey just looks different.

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