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    The Distraction of Special


    Am I special? We all ponder this. What if I told you that no one is special? To say that anything is “special” is to make it separate. We are not truly separate because we are connected by our humanity. The inner pain that we feel comes from being separated in society. Being separated from family. Being separated from the village. Being separated from our source. The hierarchical structure of rich and poor separates us. Religions separate us. Conflicts separate us. Oddly enough, both good times and hardships bring us back together.

    By nature we are one. One in spirit, and one in love. This may seem flaky or simple – but it’s the truth.

    We all come from the same place and we go back to the same place. Or are we always there and seeming to have an experience here?

    Regardless if I’m understood, I will continue to speak to awaken those who are asleep. To get the attention of those who are acutely focused on what is lacking in their life rather than looking at what they’re receiving. Possibly connecting to those who are locked in the belief system that living a materially prosperous life, within the social hierarchy, will bring them salvation from feeling deeply alone.

    How do we grow? Does it happen by living the same life, day after day, without self awareness? Or do we grow by choosing to do things differently tomorrow? What if we make a different choice, a new decision, to take back our life on our own terms? Will we land fully in ourselves and make decisions about our life as a whole adult – without fear of failure?

    How can we fail if we focus on our connections? Our connection to our community. Our connection to our family. Our connection to our friends. Our connection to our own spirit. 

    Failure is a construct intended to keep people feeling separate from each other. If we try something new and “fail” then society crushes us with shame. We grow up believing that success is absolutely tied to accumulation of money, talent in sports, career, fame, and collecting possessions to fill our houses.

    What if success is simply moving through life with self confidence, kindness to others and self love? Trusting our intuition and residing in our own values….

    To remain living in the belief of “special” is to allow those at the top of the social hierarchy to keep humanity separate. It allows our egos to make the decisions of our lives for us. Thinking that we’re special keeps us in competition with each other – competition is the opposite of harmony.

    I’m too run down to placate to the established rules of societal living. My success is seeing through the distraction of special.

    I’ll still talk about motherhood, music and clothes…

    Whatever re-connects us.

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