Winter repose….bring on the new year

    It’s time to hibernate and heal my body…it’s time for quiet days under the snow cover. 

    Preparing for the holidays is my favourite time: baking, reading, crafts, bundling up and throwing the ball in the snow for Charlie – he loves snow. Pine cones painted by the girls. Their joy as they open the Christmas decor boxes and reunite with the ornaments they put away last year. Their excitement as they dig into their stockings on Christmas morning. 

    Now that has passed and I’m looking forward to a new year. Late winter evenings by the fireplace with candlelight. Board games at the table with the girls. Blasting the music that I want to hear and singing along out of tune. Trying new recipes. Time with family. Writing. Processing. Processing some more. Moving on. 

    The year two thousand and eighteen pushed me to the ground and stomped all over me without remorse. So many changes for the worse…ended relationships, health issues, family deaths and more. Every time difficulty was thrown at me I stood back up, and kept pushing forward through my days. Every single time. 

    Cheers to new beginnings in 2019, and accepting life as it is – not beating myself up for what it isn’t. I can handle whatever comes my way, but I would like the new year to be kinder to me. Be kind. 

    May 2019 be filled with love, laughter, gratitude, healing, meditation, self reflection, and more laughter.






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