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    Compassion, anger and kindness….


    The resilient plum tree bears fruit year after year…..


    It’s important to be kind and forgive. That’s how we stay true to ourselves – how we continue to move forward in life.

    There’s always a place for anger. Anger can push us through hard times. The important thing is to move out of anger as soon as possible so we don’t trap ourselves in our own personal hell. Anger directed at another for a long period of time is pointless. It just drains us – not the one we’re mad at.

    Being kind to ourselves, and accepting ourselves, are the greatest gifts we can give. Accepting ourselves as we are now – a work in progress.

    If we’re kind to ourselves then we’ll be kind to others. Empathy for another’s struggles will come naturally if we connect through kindness. Relating to each other is all we really have in this messy illusionary world. Have you ever met a person and felt a connection at a soul level? We can have that with every one we meet. Of course, we want to keep our distance from those who are toxic, but we can still feel compassion for them.

    As I type this, I’ve realized that I’m furrowing my brow. I don’t want to do that…I’m turning 41 in a couple of months, and I don’t want to hang on to any more anger. Anger ages us inside and outside. So does fear. So I’m massaging my lines between my eyes – the “number 11” lines…which also happen to be my birth date…and concentrating on forgiving those who I carry animosity for. No one will prematurely take my youth from me. Not anymore.

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