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    Home isn’t where the heart is…home is where the spirit is….

    Ava painted cherry blossoms for me


    The colour has faded with the completed conversations. Words gone like a whisper in the wind. Maybe still held by a faint grasp, but they’re tarnishing.

    Conversations that lasted for hours are now in the past, perhaps to be remembered, but most likely forgotten.

    Moments of laughter followed by silence for years. I was never significant enough to take an interest in then, and now I’m too luminous to be with.

    We can only be with people when we’re resonating at the same level. If not, someone gets left behind.

    There’s so much richness in depth. Depth of character. Depth of communication. Depth of shared ideas. Depth of relating to each other.

    Colour and the vibrancy of life comes back when we finally meet our match. Ourselves.

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