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    Inner peace despite outer turmoil….

    Ava’s watercolour painting…


    Peace. What’s that?

    If people want to have peace within relationships – whether with another person or inside of themselves – then they need to do the inner work. Work through childhood wounds, parental wounds, marital wounds, and friendship wounds via therapy or in whatever way is personally effective. The¬†patriarchal wounds will take a group effort….

    People talk about wanting to create inner peace but what does that really mean? Inner contentment with the life that we create for ourselves? Accepting the hardships and working through them in the best way that we can?

    If anyone truly wants inner peace, the first step is to evaluate what’s causing your inner strife. Is it your own drama? Is another causing drama that continually pulls you into their web? Remove toxic people from your life. Now. Not in 5 years when you think things will be better. Nothing changes for the better if we just wish it so. Why wait? Time is accelerating, and the years are passing by quickly. Well linear speaking, we can get into the quantum field that proves time doesn’t exist…but perhaps that’s for another day.

    The second step is to remember what activities make you feel creative and connected to others. Do those things again. I forgot how much I enjoyed writing until recently. I used to bellydance for fun – not that I can remember the moves now, but that’s not the point.

    Third step is to find time to be quiet every day. Even if it’s for just 5 minutes of silence. Work up to an hour. Your body will still, and you’ll have the space to have a clear path come to mind. Clear decisions. A time to reconnect with whatever you feel drawn to – Creator, Source, your higher consciousness, your inner spirit, God…the names given to the different aspects of humanity, the inner self, and higher being.

    That’s it – do the work to reach a place of fulfillment.

    This world will become a better place one person at a time.


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