Moving forward…on my own

    As life changes…and it always does…I’m looking forward to quiet days on my own terms. My inner peace reflecting outward and continually creating a harmonious atmosphere in our home. Being a cozy warm place for my girls to cuddle up to and share their feelings. Taking the time to give extra hugs, checking in with them everyday….

    I don’t fear being alone. I don’t fear anything…well I’m terrified of heights but that’s all…. I cherish my times of solitude. I would much rather be alone than feel lonely with someone by my side. This new year brings endless possibilities and all of them are mine to seize without the input of another. No outside influences casting doubt.

    I will now stand at my tallest – no one else’s words will knock my legs out from under me. No one else’s mood will change how I feel. I will feel how I feel, from moment to moment, based on my needs not another’s.

    My girls always come first, but I do too. A resilient mother is the strongest example for her children. I’m demonstrating to them that true bravery is making hard decisions when the outcome is completely unknown. Our most valuable attribute is trust in ourselves. Trust that no matter what happens we will persevere…even alone.

    They’ll understand that we dim our light for no one. We express the level of our intellect regardless of if the one we’re with has any understanding of what we speak of. We love fully and if our partner can’t reciprocate then we move on. 

    Most importantly, we deserve respect at all times, and being disregarded will never be justified. 

    A lifetime of being the rock for everyone has well prepared me to hold up my daughters and demonstrate to them just how wonderfully a woman should be treated. I’m my own rock, my own source of strength. I’ve only just begun to show what I can do.

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