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    Self Reflection, Inner Guidance…and Goodbye Narcissists


    Snow is coming again. Time to cuddle up by the fire…with myself…to meditate. Who else but me understands me?

    As I sit looking at the fairy lights on my mantle I think – one can never have too many fairy lights…especially on the trees in the yard. The mini lights are calming because they remind me of the nights sky. Billions of stars and constellations looking down at me. Perhaps they also remind me of our inner illumination. The light that glows regardless of electricity or battery power.

    As I think about light, I know that authenticity is the key, and I contemplate: What’s within? Do I feel whole? Who am I giving to? Am I kind to others? What parts of myself am I giving up to be what someone else wants? Am I the truest version of myself at all times? When do I forget myself, and allow another to drain me? When do I forgive myself?

    When we let go of what isn’t working for us any longer then our inner radiance increases. When we acknowledge to ourselves those who treat us poorly then we can move away from their thoughtlessness.

    Perhaps if everyone took the time to reflect on their inner world and how they treat others then we could all be luminous.

    Be the light. Don’t dim another’s being. Be loving.

    Play in the snow…laugh and heal.

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