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    My personal ego…and The Watchmen….


    You know, I really want to believe that what I write helps someone else. My ego needs that to be so.

    It’s such a empty existence waiting for validation. The woman aspect of me needs no validation – mostly because I’ve never gotten it. The human aspect of me wants to connect with people who understand me. The spirit in me knows that we’re all connected so the outside “world” doesn’t matter.

    Back to the spirit for a moment – my spirit is working to help others remember who they are. What they can do. It’s tiring though. I need your help. Reach deep and tap into your true selves. Meet me half way. I can hold anyone up – but for the long term you need to be able to hold yourselves up.

    Be resilient. Authentic. Stay strong no matter what’s thrown your way. Trust your own instincts – don’t follow the pack.

    My heart is hurting too…and I still get up every day to face this illusionary world. You can all do the same.

    The Watchmen (who are from Winnipeg just like me) said, “…and whatever happened to my plans…Whatever happened to life I thought I’d have….” We all have our lives derailed at some point. Our strength comes from what we do from that point on. Crumble into a ball and stay stuck? Cry for awhile, and then face the world? Stand at our full height and stare down anyone who tells us that we’re anything other than what we know to be true? The choice is ours. 

    The Watchmen also sang, “I’m so afraid of new technology…” which goes back to a previous post…. Except they sang it in 1998….

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