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    No more wasting my time on others’ immaturity…..

    We’re all as unique as each snowflake…but we share the same essence…. 


    I don’t make yearly resolutions, but my reversal this year will be to stop remaining in place for people to catch up to me. To stop waiting for men to grow up and be present. So many of my years wasted…so many dreams based on promises…words that have been relinquished now.

    Empty declarations. Separation of time. I’m their consummate partner but I’m invalidated. So forget that. I was deserted within their assurances, and I was deceived, but that’s on me for lacking discernment. I’d rather continue on my own, and maintain fulfillment within myself. I can trust myself because I’m forever honest.

    I can almost laugh it off – life is so ridiculous. These special relationships that are supposed to fulfill us, but instead they may drain us…. Perhaps one day I’ll experience a connection where we meet in the middle – both as sound adults. I’m an everlasting optimist….  

    Rufus had it right when he sang, “Go or go ahead”. “What has happened to love….”


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