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    Past or present…for some it’s all the same….

    Ava’s watercolour painting…sunset


    Some people choose to explore the past instead of the present. To hang onto lovers, family, or friends who hurt them on repeat.

    A new experience could be had, but fear, and a lack of self esteem get in the way.

    Where does the toxicity lie? In the ones who hurt others, or in the ones who are hurt by them? The answer is both.

    Unless we deal with our insecurities, broken hearts, broken boundaries, and the memories of the times that we were caught in others’ drama – then we won’t heal.

    We can all heal by standing up for ourselves and walking away from anyone who who is dysfunctional. Walking away from one thing always leads to walking towards something greater – our true selves and people who are emotionally mature.

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