Reflecting on lighthouses and heros….


    Bonnie Tyler said that she needs a hero…. Well I’m my own hero – I’m strong and fast…maybe not on fatigue days…but whatever. (If you don’t get my reference then we’re from different generations and you need to watch ‘Footloose’.)

    All the good men are not in my view but they must exist.

    I’m not waiting for a hero. I’m the hero for my daughters. I’m my own rock.

    I don’t know that I’ll ever be swept off of my feet. I’m not waiting for any man and I won’t be swayed by their charming words. Do you know what some of my favourite words are? Thoughtfulness. Love. Consideration. Giving. Connection. Intelligence. I can’t stress the importance of intellect enough. 

    So I’ll be there for myself and my girls. No need for another to rescue us. We’re females and therefore we’re well prepared to take on any challenge. They can follow my lead, and I’ll protect them until they’re old enough to be independent.

    I’ll be their lighthouse until they can be their own.

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