Birthday Number 41 – What I want for myself this year….

    Birthday #41


    So age 41 – here I go. Single after 17 years. Surrounded by children and homeschooling. Living a life that I’ve chosen. It won’t be an easy year but it’s all on my terms. 

    Everything is unknown and that’s terrifying and exciting.

    This year I want so many things that I’ll do the work for:

    * Inner peace

    * Self love

    * Clarity about my direction

    * Deepening friendships, and new friendships with people who I have a conversational connection to 

    * Creating a warm home for my girls full of laughter, creativity, and music

    * Some more time for myself to enjoy reading and uninterrupted meditation

    Small feat I know, but I’m pretty tough so I feel like I can accomplish what I’m setting out to do this year. Healing my body, and clearing out the old expectations to give space for inner contentment.


    Age 24…if I had known what would be thrown at me in the years to come…I probably would have had more than one glass of wine…. 


    What I’m letting go of this year:

    * Relationships that no longer work for me

    * The desire to be with anyone who disregards my warmth and willingness to be present

    * Spending any of my time with emotionally immature people

    * Superficial friendships or communication

    * Shame for any perceived failures

    * Toxic people


    I will happily do all of these things over the next year. 





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