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    Gifts – the good and the undesired…

    It’s always nice to receive flowers as a gift.


    Gifts. They’re presented in so many ways. Through love. Via disappointment. By means of profound turmoil.

    Growth comes from understanding that whatever the challenge is – gifts are given. It’s up to us to be able to receive them, and to not turn away from a potential learning experience just because it’s painful.

    A tough childhood filled with neglect and immature caregivers = resiliency, flexibility for change, and emotional survival skills. (The irony with using the term “caregivers” is intentional.)

    Marrying young, and eclipsing the spouse over the years may be a gift. Self refection is called upon to make major decisions. Looking within is the most colossal aspect of the relationship. 

    Moving beyond friendships that are no longer what they once were is admitting that people change, and that having a history with someone isn’t enough to remain in each other’s orbit. Why stay in friendships out of obligation?

    The beauty of being past 40 is that you can let go of burden – hopefully.

    Waking hours are best spent in enjoyment – not misery.

    Look at what we receive from life, and the positive traits that come with the interactions and obstacles. How can situations be viewed in a positive light? Review the positive. Always. 

    Blast some Sinatra, or the Honeydrippers, and float away into intellect, possibilities, imagination and romance….

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