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    I’ll dance to Sam’s promises every time….


    Sam had it right when he sang, “…I know I laughed when you left…but now I know I only hurt myself….” (Sam Cooke, ‘Bring It On Home To Me’)

    I wonder how many of my past loves could relate to his lyrics? I can relate in pretending to brush off feelings to avoid the pain of dismissal. As a human, rejection is a rough thing to experience at any age.

    Pain and romance all in one song. Life is like that – duality insists that we live both sides of every experience at the same time.

    What if we could step outside of the rules of the Universe? What if we could live in love only? With everyone? Being kind to other people. Seemingly oversimplified I know, but possible.

    I don’t need jewellery or money as Sam promises – I require connection and great conversation.

    If I “…stayed out til night…” it was because I was out with other Mom’s enjoying some cocktails – and we all deserved a night off.

    Really, it’s one of my favourite songs, and I’ll dance to it every time regardless if I have a partner or not. Who needs a partner? I’ve got this.

    …I would like to have a full heart and dance with another…damn this being human thing….




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