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    Time collapsing takes me back to high school….

    I didn’t enjoy high school and I detest red roses….


    I was just thinking about being 41 now, and I can’t believe how time collapses – I still remember high school as if it were yesterday. Not that anyone could pay me to live those years again.


    Is time collapsing? A void that sucks our memories of the past and combines them with our experiences of the present…and our ideals about the future?

    Is life a wormhole? An instant conduit to the past and future? Simultaneous existence? Traversing galaxies but seemingly living a regular life here on a linear timeline?

    Disintegrating timelines to remember the moments that we enjoyed. Putting walls up to block the days that we want to forget. So many days…. they can float out into the ethers.

    Past. Present. Future. Are they really separate if they all exist in the mind? Is the mind outside of the brain? Is the mind outside of the body? Do the hours really exist if our minds live the dimensions of time all at once?

    The past – personally I’m done with it. It still needs to be processed though. The present – useful to process the past. The future – an opportunity to live differently than before. A loop. Over and over in the mind. 

    So the big question is: how do we step outside of the mind warp? Believe in something greater than ourselves? Believe in ourselves? Wonder if there’s so much more to this life than we’re being allowed to know?

    This is where personal autonomy comes in. Think…be curious…ask questions. Stop following the masses. Perhaps they’re heading in the wrong direction. The lure of distraction causes one to let go of their values and follow the pack. 

    Be mindful. Live with intention within the time that you believe you’re in. Stuck in the past? Intend to get the hell out of it. Living for the present? Enjoy every moment. Praying for the future? Be the Lighthouse for others.

    Overall, just be thankful that high school is done. Life is beyond university. Beyond the decades. Returning to oneself is outside of time – how do we get back to a place that was never left, but only forgotten?

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