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    Mainly Pisces..sprinkled with a little Aries…so I’m a Woman who takes no sh*t.

    Me at 35 when I sort of cared what others thought of me….


    “Hey what’s the point of this…Oh, hey, what’s your favorite song…Well, I think you’re smart you sweet thing…got you where I want you….” (The Flys, ‘Got You Where I Want You’)

    No one has got me where they want me. I don’t bend to another’s will. I’ll smile when I want to. I’ll talk for awhile if the conversation is at my level. Don’t ask me what my favourite song is. Ask me what I think is really happening in this world.

    I’m not “a sweet thing”. I’m a forty something woman who won’t put up with anyone else’s BS. Practiced words won’t make me swoon. 

    If just one more man, who I don’t know, tells me in passing to smile – I’ll no longer verbally refrain from sharing how I feel about his comment. Just try me.

    Sure I’m an easy going Pisces, but I have Aries as my descending sign so I have a fire in me that I reserve for those who really push my boundaries.

    No more being on the receiving end of thoughtless comments – regardless of their origin.

    Why are we here? To engage in respectful relationships and conversations? It’s time to reflect on how we speak to each other and how that makes us feel. Comments can be complimentary or they can be harmful. Sometimes the delivery in unintentional, and other times it’s calculated. 

    So this woman is taking a stand for herself, and for everyone who needs space to heal from a lifetime of senseless remarks.

    Eventually this world will be a better place for all, but in the meantime let’s be kind and filter our words more. Process the mess and move beyond to an improved life. One where boundaries are clear, and relationships are honoring.

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