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    Meeting in our dreams….


    “Dream control…Your dream’s alive…you can be the guide…” (Queensryche, ‘Silent Lucidity’) Isn’t this what we’re in?

    The difference between myself and most people is that I’m not scared of being alone. I don’t believe that I’m alone. I may appear to be at the end of a relationship, but in actuality I’m connected to the all.

    This means that I won’t settle for comfort. For familiarity. For ease of what I know. Settling causes dis-ease.

    We’re literally in ‘Silent Lucidity’…. “The dream is over…” but we’re seemingly still in it.

    What’s a dream? A time to live in a parallel locale for a night? A lifetime of denial? A disconnect from our Source?

    Times are changing and someday this post will make sense to the masses. For now, I’ll open minds via music lyrics and my personal experiences. Dimensions layer one upon the other and we’re all functioning from wherever we’re currently mentally and emotionally at. What if the dream is an illusion, and we believe that we’re participating in difficult lives? Could we step outside of this construct?

    If the mind is indeed outside of the body then aren’t we capable of steering our lives as we wish? Hurt minds drive other people’s lives via their toxicity. Open minds govern their own lives. Period.

    Going beyond the human experience, the levels of the mind, and the messy ego – we reach true spirit. The part of each of us that’s linked and functioning from love. The light beyond the darkness.

    “I’m smiling next to you…in Silent Lucidity….” (Queensryche)

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