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    No more playing the waiting game….


    “And in the end we shall achieve in time…The thing they call divine…Well that sounds fine so I’ll see you sometime….Give my love to the future of the humankind..Living in the meantime….” (Spacehog, ‘In the Meantime’)

    Is this what we’re experiencing? The middle ground between the human experience and spirit?

    What do we do in the meantime? Live? Work? Raise children? Work more? Have relationships?

    What if we eliminate “in the meantime” and call it “being fully present”? Take the stigma out of the space between life lessons and where we want to be as a fully whole adult, and just be.

    Activate all of our senses and really see the world around us. Feel whatever we need to feel to process our way out of the mire.

    I know that the ultimate for all of us is to feel the love “of all of you” and that can only occur if we accept people as they are – including ourselves.

    “…but in the meantime….” I’ll hang out over here, making things happen in my life for the better…we can all meet up when we’re ready to connect as a collective. Then we can defeat the heaviness and sorrow.

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