Musings, Humanity

    We choose where we exist…and our heart and mind health depends on our decisions….


    What do we truly fear? Rejection? Disconnection? Abandonment of our values?

    Do some people have so much anxiety around having their insecurities found out that they preemptively reject us? Or, is it their slow burn of rejection over many years that alters our perception of ourselves and causes us to stay? Either way dismissal occurs.

    Perhaps we’re too authentic for their personal facades – the lives that they manufactured to hide what they lack within. It could be us who feel unworthy of more. We expect to be treated a certain way by them, and we continue to play along in their abuse cycle. Awareness of the cycle depends on how conscious we are.

    We cling so tightly to what we know…feeling that if we let go we’ll be lost forever and alone in the world. What’s misunderstood is: that by letting go we have freedom to be our genuine selves. To create the lives that we honestly desire – on our own terms.

    So do we live in our own understanding of our true nature, or do we live in another’s idea and perhaps condemnation of us? The choice is always ours.


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