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    Tales don’t always end happily….


    Movie fairy tales set us up from childhood to believe in unattainable relationships. Expectations of eternal romance. Keeping us stuck in relationships that we should leave – because we were indoctrinated believe that things will get better if we just wish them so.

    Has anyone else noticed that some children’s movies cause emotional trauma? The deer’s mother died in the first few minutes…that was awful to watch as a young kid.

    The brunette girl in the yellow dress stayed in a verbally abusive relationship with the beast because once he was a Prince he “changed” and things “got better”…. So basically he had two personalities – which by today’s psychological terms is called ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ (BPD). The other lead male character was no better – he was a full out sociopath and proud of it.

    Girls are being groomed to settle for men who treat them poorly because the movies show mental, verbal, and emotional abuse as being a romantic gesture. It’s confusing for young girls – because the message to allow another to hurt them is carried out by a cartoon.

    The swimming redhead sells her soul and voice to become someone who she believes to be better. To be the person that she desires to be – not the being that she is.

    All of the female characters have unattainable figures and/or their mid drifts are showing. Girls are taught to believe that being beautiful is important, and that men will save them.

    Often the villains are older women who are lost in the self loathing of aging, and they want to steal the youth of the young beauties. All of the main female characters aren’t even women – they’re teenagers and don’t yet have the mental faculties to make major life decisions…so they decide that the first men that they meet “are the one”, or they naively believe what they’re told. Ridiculous.

    Innocence of children is lost when they have traumatic fissures by being inundated with horrible messages about relationships at a young age. Society has been set up to settle for ill treatment from childhood on – it’s intentional.

    Think about what children are really watching and integrating into their self worth, and the violent video games that they play – these games slowly drain their humanity and cause children to disassociate. Boys playing these violent video games are subliminally taught that it’s alright to disrespect and harm women. War is glorified. Competition is encouraged.

    My daughters have never watched any of these movies because I know exactly why the messages are expertly embedded into them – to continue to cause cracks in the psyches of the youth to perpetuate low self esteem. People who have a low self worth are easier to manipulate and control. Generations of people watch these movies and then have their children watch them and the cycle continues.

    Parents please wake up to the messages that are being subtly fed to your children and teens. Be more perceptive of what they watch and play. Really look at the video games and see if those images of the world are truly what you want extended to your children.

    If our children are to help make this a better planet then we need to collectively intervene and stop perpetuating the appalling messaging. Don’t let your kids play these video games just because their peers are – help them to think independently. Teach them that questioning authority is alright. Teach them to question everything so that they learn how to be discerning. Discernment leads to independence and this creates a whole human. One who can’t be controlled by the media, fear, “influencers”, fame, and people who wish them harm.

    Let’s show our children and teens how to be caring, giving, respectable people by being responsible adults – aware of what’s actually going on in our kid’s lives. Protect your kids emotional and mental health by being the positive force in their lives rather than allowing movies and tv to dictate their self perceptions.

    I’m not anti-movies/tv/video games – I’m trying to help people wake up. Look around you. Really look at the nuances of messaging and decide how much you want your families influenced by outside sources.

    Life is a hell of a lot more interesting when you step outside of the “mainstream” box. Personal autonomy is crucial to becoming a healthy person. It’s never too late to demonstrate this to our young ones.

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