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    Empty page. Where do I pull my inspiration from? From the flowers blooming around me? From the softly playing music next to me? From an emotion? A word? A picture?

    The birds fly overhead with grace and ease. I watch as the clouds float by. The moon becomes a little brighter as the sky dims. 

    Patio lights. I enjoy their yellow incandescent glow. I’m surrounded by the warmth of created ambience, and ivy. 

    Contemplating growth. My new life. Bringing myself back to my center again. Over and over until it holds there.

    Encouragement comes from myself. Compliments too. Self worth comes from within me – no outside influences. I know who I am and I really like myself. I’m proud that I’ve retained my personal ethics and values for my whole life. My beliefs and understanding of the world and people have changed over the years, but I’ve stayed kind to others (with boundaries) and maintained my self-respect no matter what happened. Even through the darkest times.

    It’s been tough to be on this spinning planet for 4 decades and not be jaded by personal hardships, what I see happening around me to others and the environment, abuses of power, and abuses aimed at me and the people I love.

    We all have a good whole spirit within us, but sometimes we lose that connection and wander around lost and mistreat others. Becoming selfish. Taking for granted those who we claim to love and diminishing their self esteem – whether unintentionally or on purpose to feel better for a moment.

    Let’s reconnect to our own inner selves and re-evaluate how we move through this world. Consciously better ourselves so that we can repair this emotionally messy distracted society. One that often appears to have lost all sense of dignity, empathy, and the ability to notice the hardships of others. There’s no longer room for self-fulling ignorance.

    Say something kind to another person for no reason other than to make that moment a little better for them. Think kind thoughts about yourselves so that you treat others with compassion.

    Words stick long after they’re spoken. This alters how people think out themselves and you. Remember that.

    I’ll enjoy my inner alone time. Centering. Centering, Centering. Others are welcome to join me in being calm, composed, thoughtful, and contemplative. We’ve got this if we can come together and improve our surroundings via emotional and mental maturity. Individually becoming whole by descending into the muck of our pasts, processing, forgiving, and moving forward. Face the fear of what’s buried within and dive anyway.

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